A R edditor had spotted what looked to be an Asrock B board. Hallock corrected the user by stating the following:.

OEM customers. What exactly does that statement above mean in English? The BA as opposed to the as-yet-unannounced B will be a rebrand of the 4th gen series boards. The B is a great chipset. Users seemed confused about the naming convention, though. So why is the B rebrand being labeled a A? Hallock had a reply t o that question as well. This is what he said on the thread:. Not every product decision is considered through the lens of a channel product. This is a nice way of saying that OEMs have different priorities when it comes to quality and obsolescence than DIY buyers.

An informed customer who builds their own PC would likely be aware of the difference between the B and unannounced B boards. OEMs can rebrand existing hardware and sell it to these customers for cheaper.

The whole incident raises more questions than it answers. Why did AMD care to correct a user who called it a B?

amd b550 reddit

It could well be that an actual, higher-end B board is in the works, a fundamentally different product from the B rebrand that is the A. We would love to hear from you! Please fill in your details and we will stay in touch. It's that simple! We cater to an audience of more than 7,00, visitors a month from all across the globe with a focus on Computer Hardware and Gaming. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Sign up. Password recovery. Udit Agarwal - April 10, 0.

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AMD Confirms B550A chipset for OEMs

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amd b550 reddit

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amd b550 reddit

Thread starter AleksandarK Start date Feb 4, AleksandarK Staff member. Joined Aug 19, Messages 0. So far, only high-end chipset versions like X had PCIe 4. In the listing, we see a total of 15 motherboards listed with an unusable entry. Again the W chipset appears, which is meant to power workstation motherboards.

While we don't know what this new series brings, we know that both the workstation enabled W chipset and regular Z chipset will be a part of it. Joined Jul 4, Messages 0.

amd b550 reddit

Let's hope. Joined Feb 19, Messages 0. MB vendors kept saying that making the board PCIE Gen4 compatible is expensive, so what price point are they aiming now? Joined Jun 28, Messages 3, 2. B model is supposed to bring PCIe 4. Joined May 22, Messages 7, 4. HwGeek said:. Joined Oct 1, Messages 0. First of all, cheap X mobos are pretty spartan. Second, as notb said, PCIe4 has never been confirmed for B But more likely, it will be PCIe3 all over.

Now, the real problem is I was just about to pull the trigger on a X motherboard and now B is supposedly close to launching again. Joined Feb 18, Messages 1, 0. Depending how which X board you were originally going to pull the trigger on, price-wise, I'd say screw it and pull the trigger anyway.In every motherboard generation on AMD's AM4 socket, we have seen a premium motherboard chipset and a more budget friendly chipset play out in the market.

For the latest generation, focusing on Ryzen processors, we only have the X chipset in the market right now, and we're expecting to see a B chipset and motherboards built on that chipset at somepoint in the future. B hasn't been announced yet, but one avid Reddit user has spotted an OEM system built on the BA chipset in stores.

The chipset is supposed to support overclocking, but since it is only available to OEMs, it is up to them to support the feature. It is unknown at this point if B will act more like BA, or rather like X Image from Reddit.

In the meantime, there a couple of words to say about OEMs and rebrands. One of the interesting things about big PC makers is that they demand product refreshes from their suppliers every year, which is why we see rebrandings of previously released products particularly in case of GPUs. OEM customers. Not every product decision is considered through the lens of a channel product. Sources: Computerbase.

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AMD B550A System Spotted: OEM Only Chipset, PCIe 3.0

Log in Don't have an account? Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Lost your password?We have been expecting B motherboards for quite some timebut now AMD has finally commented on the value-oriented chipset. Well, sort of. As spotted by Computerbase. On a post about a user spotting a pre-built system using a B motherboard from ASRock, Hallock commented to correct the user that the OEM system uses a BA motherboard and not a 'standard' B board.

OEM customers. Hallock also responded when a user asked why AMD would create a BA chipset implying that the name was confusing. Not every product decision is considered through the lens of a channel product. Basically, BA exists because there is a special demand that OEMs have, but normal consumers do not. Consumers buying prebuilt PCs might not care about the chipset, or even know what a chipset is.

Unfortunately, this is still no confirmation on what B will look like with respect to pricing and features namely PCIe 4. Image credit: Tom's Hardware We have been expecting B motherboards for quite some timebut now AMD has finally commented on the value-oriented chipset.Forums New posts Search forums. New posts New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter erek Start date Mar 10, Joined Dec 19, Messages 4, Looks pretty nice! Is this budget oriented though? There are two DDR4 slots, along with M.

Additionally, it has some interesting dragon-inspired masking as well.

AMD B550 and A520 Motherboards NOT Coming Until 2020?

ManofGod [H]F Junkie. Joined Oct 4, Messages 11, It is sold at best buy and clearly said B on it. Joined Sep 7, Messages 1, Those misaligned chokes are setting off some major OCD. Rockenrooster Gawd. Joined Apr 11, Messages Skarth Limp Gawd. Joined Mar 2, Messages I thought SOYO went out of business or something years ago.

I haven't seen any of their products in almost 15 years. GoodBoy [H]ard Gawd. Joined Nov 29, Messages 1, Well, I like the Dragon. Joined Feb 1, Messages 25,Wednesday, October 16th The board was spied inside a pre-built desktop at a Best Buy store.

This is the first time we've seen the mid-range chipset being referenced as "BA" and not "B AMD partners could use the opportunity to launch some of the more upscale B motherboards with the latest 2.

Related News Tags: No no no no no no. This is B Anot B, there's a difference. It's meant only for OEM-customers who want new numbers even when there's nothing new. This has been confirmed by Robert Hallock from this exact picture. X, B chipset specifically for use in pre-built systems e. OEM customers. Kaotik No no no no no no. Step back and then watch the user comments explode in gibberish and just take in all the page clicks Does it come with any other M2 slots?

I don't fully understand this so I will post picture. Stead65 No. What meant though was some B boards came with 2 M2 slots. The top one tied to the CPU and another one tied to the chipset.

Think this is probably tied to the CPU. Let me know your thoughts. That has nothing to do with the chipset, they come from the CPU. AMD had it enabled in earlier beta BIOSes for select and series motherboards, but after Ryzen launch they decided not to allow PCIe4 on older motherboards it was motherboard by motherboard basis depending on wether the wiring on the mobo was sufficient for PCIe4 or not.

Hmm, does this mean we'll have to wait till for the real B? Recently bought; New!It is already a lot of speculation about the imminent Start of the plates, with the B chipset. As of the date of the start of Computex, at the start of June, and it has always been, but the dates are earlier, for example, after the Chinese new year, I was in the room. So far, there has been little to say in the Concrete, but now we have the first picture of the main board, which is to use the B chipset.

The image was posted to Videocardz, and it shows a mother board in the country, rather than from an unknown manufacturer in Soyo — a wholly-owned subsidiary of Maxsun, this might have heard of one or the other, maybe at a time.

In any case, all companies or Brands, to focus on the Chinese market, and in this country it is not available. However, that does not seem to do this, because so far we only know that the alleged technical specifications of the B chipset, which is different from that of the OEM market represented BA-a set of chips for a true beginner. The connection between the chipset and the processor is still PCI-Express 3. In general, the B chipset and places it on the platform, on a level with the X chipset, but only on the more expensive motherboards, so it can be used.

AMD makes the X chipset of their own. Originally it was probably thought that, like the previous chipset and ASMedia come in as a producer for the course.

On the other hand, the development and the manufacture of it could not be completed until the Start of the machine. The B chipset is supposed to be a development of the ASMedia each other.

In the image in order to detect the motherboard and is not yet fully completed. It is equipped with two x16 slots and one x1 slot. You recognize, as well as a M. The launch of the most inexpensive as well as PCIe 4. From a Chinese source to a new table that compares the features of the chipset are all different from each other comes from. The connection between the chipset and the processor is done, apparently, but about PCI Express 3.

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