High rates of shear rates of shear that exist in circulation of the drilling fluid in wells are best obtained when there is little clearance between the stator and the rotor, or when the mud is pumped through a small orifice or opening. Waring blenders, in which the blades rotate in a recessed section at the bottom of container, provide high shearing rates, and are suitable for shearing small quantities about a liter of mud.

They can only be used for short periods of time because the temperature rises rapidly, with consequent loss of water by evaporation. The Waring Blender, with its high shear mixing impeller, is specified in several API test procedures for preparation of samples. Two speed Blender, Stainless Steel Container1 HP motor to emulsify, homogenize, grind, shred, disintegrate and mix a wide spectrum of materials in seconds.

Listing: UL. Part No. Mini Container, Part No. History Terms and Conditions of Sales. Inquiry Form Shipping Information. Contact Us. Overview Procedures and Manuals. Related Information.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Seasoned Advice is a question and answer site for professional and amateur chefs. It only takes a minute to sign up. I've recently taken to blending smoothies in a Watt blender with pulse, low, and high settings.

I get that a higher power setting spins the blades faster but I'm curious how I can best leverage the different speeds. For example, why would I want to use a low speed over a high speed? Not every time you want to liquify or make a mush of your food; quite the opposite, usually you want to keep a bit of texture into what you are blending. Thus, lower speed is better. Blending heats up your ingredients, either by the friction of the blades and by the heating of the blender engine itself.

Now, while it's pretty difficult to ruin oils or many other things with the blender temperature, vegetables and fruits on the other hand are really sensitive. So, as a generic rule of thumb, you always want to start with the lowest speed and then raise it up step by step my blender used to have 5 speed settings, for examples just as necessary.

No point in running the blender at max speed by default. The blender's engine is built to blend things, and as obvious as it may sounds is maybe less obvious that the engine is not expected to runs free blending the air, because it can quickly burn and ruin itself: it actually needs and expect some kind of resistance from the food it's blending.

For example, if you are blending chickpeas, as they are pretty heavy and big. When you immediately go at the highest speed all you will get will be chickpeas being struck by the blades and just bouncing all around. When you lower the speed, the impact between the blades and the chickpeas will be less energetic and the blades will have a chance to at least begin to scratch them. Blender speed selection can be part science and part personal preference.

It also depends on the power your unit provides. Everything including Low, High, Pulsing, to Gradual Increases may work well for your particular model and needs. In addition, many units have specific ice crushing modes. If you want fine ice I would use a Low setting. If you want coarse ice I would use a High setting with Pulsing.

It is quite hard to make specific recommendations because models vary widely in the features they have. For that reason I would highly recommend reading the manual for your model. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What is the use of different blender speeds? Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 10 months ago.

Active 11 months ago. Viewed 10k times. Active Oldest Votes. There are many reasons for having a blender with selectable speeds: Not every time you want to liquify or make a mush of your food; quite the opposite, usually you want to keep a bit of texture into what you are blending. HBruijn 4 4 bronze badges. You say start with the lowest speed and then raise it up step by step - if you do it that way, why would you need to blend something on a high speed after blending it on a low speed?

Does the high speed impart a different texture to the result?Some people really love their smoothies. We mean really, really, love smoothies and everything about making them, especially the blenders. So he built not one, but two speed measuring setups. Measuring the speed of a blender is all about the RPM. Just adjust the speed of a flashing light until the rotating object appears frozen.

He wired a dial up on his breadboard, and used it to adjust the flash rate of an LED. There are possibilities for error with stroboscopes. Not satisfied with his results, [Adam] brought out Audacity, and ran a spectral analysis of the blender in operation.

He found a peak at Hz, which was pretty darn close to his previous measurement. After hunting and hiring some new pencils at HAD the site is really going down. Way of the cliff.

The spelling and grammar were above average, and I found it fairly interesting. Not everything is going to be some ground breaking hack. And I always fear my mothers going to one day ask me to find out if her new blender is good enough for smoothies. My parents have a Vitamix blender just like the one pictured. They are open loop and the knob only sets the power going to the motor but does not regulate the speed, so the top speed will fall drastically when there is a load on the blender.

My blender is a commercial one from Blendtec an ICB-3 and it is closed loop, so it will turn up the output power to maintain the RPM on the motor. I believe their consumer ones do the same. If you can get a hold of one it would be interesting to see how the unloaded RPM varies from that of the Vitamix blender. You could probably do an acoustic version that checks for the most common frequency generated by the blender.

That should match up with the speed of the motor, although it might be some multiple of it. So score goeshe wins. The thing with RPM measurement is that you need something pulsing.

Be it a switch, hall, IR or sound pulse. BTW how do they do that? Or just directly from DC I suppose.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Blenders - Waring ®

Seasoned Advice is a question and answer site for professional and amateur chefs. It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm looking at getting a new blender, basically the main things I want to be able to do with it are make curry pastes, ultra smooth restaurant quality purees and soups and grind small amounts of spices I'm talking teaspoons. This leaves me with two choices possibly three of which I'll get too : the Blentec or the Vitamix.

The former goes to 27,rpm and the latter goes to 37, I'm wondering is there much of a difference once you get up to crazy speeds like that. The other option is a Thermomix, which from my reading only hits speeds of 11,rpm.

Unfortunately, given that many Thermomix owners also sell them, it's pretty hard to get unbiased information online so I'm wondering if a speed drop of nearly two thirds will make a difference to the smoothness of my purees.

I read the What to look for when purchasing a blender? I've used both a Vitamix not extensively and a Thermomix TM I didn't know there was a difference in RPM, but I didn't notice too much difference in end-effect when both were turned up to full power.

High-performance Blender Katana - 1,500 W - 32,000 rpm - black - timer

So I think it doesn't make much difference at those speeds anymore. If you're having trouble milling spices though, it helps to heat them a while in the oven, to get rid of humidity and therefore make them more brittle. RPM is an important factor when selecting a blenderbut it's not necessarily the most critical. A blender with high RPM will blend faster, but it may not actually be indicative of how well the blender blends.

In general, a powerful motor is more critical than one that simply spins fast. The higher the horsepower, the more consistently the blender will be able to run after continuous use.

Higher torque means that the blade will be less likely to stop or slow upon impact with tough or dense items like banana slices or chunks of pineapple. So while RPM is definitely important you obviously don't want a blender that takes forever to blend up your foodit's not the only determining factor.While there are several similarities between Magic Bullet Nutribullet and The Magic Bullet, which are both made by Homeland Housewares, there are equally notable differences in features, capabilities and price that distinguishes these two products.

As a stay at home dad, I try to steer my kids away from junky, sugary after school snacks, and towards healthy alternatives, like fruit and vegetable smoothies. A bullet blender helps us do that, and it is so easy to use that both of our kids are able to make their own healthy drink snacks with our Magic Bullet Blender, with some help chopping fruit.

Once they learned to be creative this is now their favorite small kitchen appliance in our house, and I am their go-to test subject when they want to try a new smoothie…yeah me!

That is why we at the-cookingpot. The biggest difference between The Magic Bullet and Nutribullet blender is the motor speed. The Nutribullet has a larger and more powerful watt motor vs Magic Bullet Blender watt motor, but the Magic Bullet Blender comes with more accessories, which is convenient over purchasing mixing cups separately.

There are differences in speed, accessories and cost, which you should know about before making your purchasing decision. Both the Nutribullet and Magic Bullet blender have several models of their popular bullet blender to choose from. You can learn about the various models of each bullet blender below. Nutribullet pc Set. Nutribullet Pro pc Se t. Magic Bullet pc Set. The Magic Bullet NutriBullet has a watt motor vs.

The NutriBullet may be the perfect choice for superior blending capability when making smoothies or grinding coffee, but you also have to consider that higher RPMs can also result in mushy over processed ingredients, especially when making foods like salsa, home-made baby food, or shaved ice, where a chunky consistency may be more desirable.

This is particularly true of starchy foods, like rice or potato. Foods with a chunky consistency can be over processed into a liquid mushy concoction with the higher RPM of the NutriBullet. This is also why the Magic Bullet Blender comes with an ice shaver blade and the nutribullet does not. The higher speed of the Nutribullet will tend to liquefy the ice, due to the faster RPM of the motor.

You need to consider the uses before deciding which is the best hi speed bullet blender for you, and not assume the watt motor of the Nutribullet will always be the superior choice. To purchase a Nutribullet at Amazon. Both blades are are made of stainless steel, so they are dishwasher safe and never need sharpening. I have to admit, for the higher price I was a bit surprised that the NutriBullet skimps on mixing and drinking cups. The Nutribullet only comes with one tall cup and two mugs, while the Magic Bullet 26 piece set comes with a large and small mixing cup, two large drinking cups and three mugs.

If you want to make two large drinks with the NutriBullet you need to transfer the smoothie to another cup, then clean out the mixing cup before making the next drink, which can sometimes be a hassle,especially if you are in a hurry. You also get a pitcher to make fruit punch or fresh lemonade for the kids or for a party, or for adults you can make a delicious pitcher of margaritas.

The NutriBullet definitely falls down in the accessory category compared to the Magic Bullet Blender.

blender speed rpm

Deciding which is the best bullet blender for your needs should not be decided solely on speed or price, but rather on your needs, and then deciding which bullet blender will best meet your needs. I have chosen to buy Magic Bullet, am using it and am satisfied with its features. I am considering for the remaining product.

Thank you for your comparison of these two products. There are so many choices here. Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet is great!

blender speed rpm

Thanks for your article, I like the way you have rated them. I accidentally read this article and found it very good. Are you a magician? Which one will be more appropriate serving my need? I have used both the Magic Bullet and the Nurtri Bullet.

The biggest difference between the two machines is the motor speed.

blender speed rpm

The Nutri Bullet motor is quite a bit faster than the Magic Bullet motor.Blenders can make a great addition to your supply of kitchen appliances. Blenders come in two major types: upright blenders, or stand blenders, and handheld blenders. An upright blender consists of a pitcher on top of a base, which contains a motor that turns the blades.

Upright blenders are good for mixing cold, liquidy foods and beverages, as long as they fit in the pitcher. Handheld blenders, also called immersion blenders or stick blenders, can be used to mix liquids or puree foods that are impractical to put into a stand blender.

A handheld blender consists of a handle with a spinning blade, which is submerged directly into the food being mixed, so you can use it for pureeing soup while it cooks. Juicers come in many different types. Reamers are used for juicing citrus fruits and can be manual or electric.

Other types can juice a wider variety of fruits and vegetables. Centrifugal juicers cut up produce with a flat blade and then spin it to separate the juice from the pulp. They're generally affordable and easy to use. A masticating juicer, also called a slow juicer or cold press, uses a single auger to crush produce into smaller sections and then squeezes out the juice along a static screen while expelling the pulp. These are somewhat more expensive but can get you more juice with less pulp and less foam.

Titurating juicers, also called dual-gear or twin-gear juicers, use two blades to crush and press produce. These juicers can be more pricey but are very efficient.

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Just wondering if there is any add on, feature, tool or third party software to set an object too rotate at a certain speed during animations such as making a wheel rotate at rpm or something like a drill drilling at rpm.

Any answer is appreciated. For this you need to do a little math. We need to find out how much the wheel spins withing 1 second. First we have convert rotations per minute into rotations per second.

Tip Speed: Establishing Optimal Blending Speed

Then we have to convert rotations per second into degrees per second. See this related answer. You can also use this online calculator. Similarly to answer by DrachenSeele some simple maths. The frame rate of your blender scene. Make this an angular velocity. Note that blender uses radians as its native unit of angle. Ok now add a simple driver 0. The expression above can be typed directly into the field with a hash prefix to designate it as a driver 0.

Driver added to default cube to spin around X axis at rpm. Notice the sampling rate of animated gif makes this look sluggish due to the wagon wheel effect. To avoid the wagon wheel effect try setting the rpm to a prime number near the target rpm eg instead of or add a slight randomness to the driver. Also note that this is easily extended using the driver system. Another driver variable could be a custom property ranging from 0 to 1, eg stopped to full speed which can also be animated.