Icons are the best invention since canned beer, at least designers might agree. They are definitely on the rise in popularity. Mobile devices with their comparably small screens boost the use of icons as natural choices for navigation menus in modern web design. New icon sets get created by the hour. Especially mobile design is the trigger for a new breed of icons.

These are no longer implemented in the form of individual PNGs or so-called sprites. Iconfonts have many advantages with the biggest being their free scalability to any size, while at the same time reducing server requests to an absolute minimum. The csgo custom resolution amd of icon fonts is, that in most cases you will not need the whole font set or — even worse — need icons from different font sets.

Font generators have come to deal with both of these problems. IcoMoon by Keyamoon comes in two flavors. A free version with icons delivers common pictograms for user interfaces as well as social media and browser symbols. The looks are plain enough to qualify them for use in any design without getting out of line. If you need more, you should consider going for one of the paid plans, both of which come with a more developer friendly license and not just CC BY 3.

Icons come in different formats.

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Besides all I mentioned above, these symbols will be delivered as Photoshop shapes and in a dual tone variant, additionally. We are talking about fonts here, so who cares about which image and vector formats you could possibly get? To make it as easy as possible for you to customize your own web font, IcoMoon comes with an easy to use web app. With the help of this app it is stunningly simple to create your individual web font.

IcoMoon Web App. Just click the icons you want to include in your font. Then download the whole selection as a font with all the necessary assets using the button "Font" below the icon overview or download the image variants using the button "Images".

IcoMoon also integrates third-party icon sets, which broadens the available portfolio to more than 3, available icons.We're watching " Tiger King " on Netflix for sure.

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Privacy Policy.Icons can make any user interface more intuitive by their simple and symbolic visual presentation. Some of us have become so familiar with some icons that we can easily recognize their meaning without any words.

We can even say that icons created their own symbolic language in modern technology. There was just no other way that would be supported by most popular browsers. However, there are at least a couple of problems I have regularly dealt with in my work when I used icons as regular images:.

Well, what if I told you that icon fonts solve all of these problems and are super easy to use, maintain or even to create your own? Additionally, this new method is very well supported by all major browsers. So, let me first explain what an icon font is…. Each character is a vector shape.

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Now, you can simply replace those vector shapes representing characters with any shapes you want. Using that method you can create your own font full of your own shapes that can be used in the same way as you display text in HTML.

As you can assume, your icons can be resized to any size you want, you can easily change their color and even apply any CSS3 effects or animations like you would do on any text. Moreover, icon fonts are more efficient because they are not so heavy and require only one http request to load one font file. Here is an example:. However, it was still difficult to maintain it and create my own sets.

There are tons of icon sets that are already converted into fonts and you can use them but what if you need only a few icons from the entire set or if you want to add your own icons? Fontastic fixes these problems because you can create your own icon set by mixing other free or premium sets and even add your own icons. The whole process is as easy as selecting icons from available sets and then customizing the character symbols that stand behind each icon.

Then, with just one click, you can generate files that are ready to use in your website project.

Fontastic! Boldacious! X-heighting!

This is the easiest step. Simply go to fontastic. You need to remember that all icons have to be vector based.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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Download your fonts from the awesome Fontastic webapp. I have make this plugin because for my personnal developments I'm using the Fontastic CDN when I'm developing then I'm using the fonts in local for the production. So this plugin can get automatically the fonts thanks to your gulp workflow. Skip to content.

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Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.Super Fontastic Font CD. You will earn 30 DJ Reward Points when you purchase this product. Share Tweet Pin it Email. Related Products. Super Fontastic has 77 creative DJ fonts to help you create to your heart's content.

Add a smile to ANY project in just one click. Be sure to check-out our famous signature font, DJ Doodlers. PDF reference manual also included.

Love this set? Also available as a download Fontastic Too Font CD. Fontastic 3 Font CD. DJ Crazy Font Download. Add To Cart Wish List.

Write a customer review. I love them all and use them all of the time. They make my worksheets and parent letters amazing!

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Was this review helpful to you? Katie Z. I think the first cute fonts I ever saw as a teacher were DJ Inkers fonts. I am forever thankful for being introduced. All time favorite font cd I HAD to purchase the others! DJ fonts are all I use! Many, many compliments on everything I put together using djinkers products. Susan D. The fonts went right into my fonts menu.