After the rune warrior had escorted the refugees to TirganachLena was wondering if the story of Cenwen's abduction was true after all. EluneLena's former master, stated that Cenwen had been indeed abducted from the glacier of Aryn and that the ice dragon was reawakening. However it was the Crimson Empire and the Fial Darg who were responsible for her abduction.

Elune stated that the Fial Darg was planning to release the dark gods from their banishment with the help of the blood of a firstborn. Cenwen therefore needed to be freed but to fight against the Crimson Empirethe forces of the Winterguard of Tirganach weren't enough.

Elune told the rune warrior to talk to High Priestess Aedale for further information. The priestess told that the defense towers of the Crimson Empire and especially around their capital Dream of dead birds falling from the sky were reinforced with the power of the fire magic of the cult of Zarach.

Against this power of fire only an ancient spell of the dwarves of Fastholme was supposed to work: The Firebane. The rune warrior was tasked with finding this spell and was send out to get to Fastholme. The path to Fastholme leads to the east of Tirganach but the path there was occupied by both undead and trolls.

The hero monument was also occupied by ice wolves which might've proved a challenge to the rune warrior at his current state. The rune warrior went to the east and used the the trolls belief in the god Mugwa for himself.

He sneaked into their camp during nighttime and spoke through the hollow statue and told them his orders. The trolls would belief that these were the orders of Mugwa and would follow them. All choices can be activated in sequence.

However when sending them to Tirganachthere won't be any others after since the Winterguard would kill TogoGruk and Borok and the Urok Thugs. Further on to the east there were lots of undead goblinsskeletons and screamers.

Directly east of the troll camp was the powerful skeleton fighter Disemboweller. If having ordered the trolls to attack the undead, this fighter might've already deceased already. Going towards the north more undead would appear until the rune warrior had reached the portal to Winterdeep. The portal was guarded by the screamer Munch and some other slightly more powerful undead fighters. Upon having defeated him, the rune warrior went on and headed through the portal to Winterdeep island.

Upon having arrived at Winterdeep the rune warrior summoned a few rune heroes at the nearby hero monument and then headed northeast. The path was crowded with several undead fighters but were easily obliterated by the forces of the rune warrior. On a small plateau the rune warrior met the dwarf Erlin. He told the rune warrior, that the ghosts of the old war between the Winterguard and the dwarves of Fastholme had awoken again.

The rune warrior went to the dwarven monument and activated it to create a rune army. After a strong force had been recruited the rune army headed out to the south and southwest to obliterate the ghosts and the crypts of the undead.Hippogryphs are creatures with the body, tail, and back legs of a horse, the head and wings of an eagle, and eagle's talons as its front feet.

They come in 7 different colors, all of which are based on the color patterns of different real-life birds and are talked about below, as well as show cased in the gallery. The colors of the hippogryph and the biomes in which each color can be found include the following:.

Hippogryphs are generally neutral, and will usually not attack players unless provoked. However, true to their predatory nature, they will target and attack players once hungry; as well as this, they will attack farm animals and other passive mobs. When attacking, hippogryphs will usually take a bite out of their prey with their hooked beak, dealing 2. Hippogryphs can be tamed with rabbit feet. To tame a hippogryph, all one has to do is drop rabbit feet near it, and it will eat the treats and begin to tame by itself; however, if a hippogryph is found flying in the air, it is recommended to practice patience and keep track of the hippogryph until it lands.

Once the beast is tamed, it will sit down. Domesticated hippogryphs can be saddled, carry chests, and be equipped with armor. Along with this, they can be made to wander or sit by interacting with them while holding a stick; however, note that when ordered to roam, they can still fly at will.

Fortunately, however, a dragon bone flute can be used to order any hippogryph to land. In addition to this, domesticated hippogryphs attack mobs and players who attack their owner, and any domesticated hippogryph that is flying midair and not sitting will drop to the ground and start attacking the mob or the hostile player.

Twilight Forest

Sneaking while interacting with a hippogryph with a stick or a Dragon Command Staff will set a home position where it is currently at, and it will not go far away from that position. The home position can be removed by sneaking while using the Dragon Command Staff again. Two hippogryphs can be bred by feeding them rabbit stew.

They are bred in the same manner as other vanilla animals; in this case, right-clicking each hippogryph with the rabbit stew will cause them to breed.

Breeding the two hippogryphs will produce an egg. Throwing the egg will hatch it into a baby hippogryph. It takes 1 day for a baby hippogryph to reach adulthood.

ftb wiki ice and fire

Keep in mind that this egg will not spawn a domesticated Hippogryph, as it still needs to be tamed. A hippogryph's inventory can be accessed via interacting with them while sneaking. A player can equip a chest which gives the hippogryph inventory storage, a saddle that makes it rideable, and finally, Hippogryph Armor that absorbs damage from most attacks.

Once a tamed adult hippogryph has been saddled; the player can mount the hippogryph by interacting with it with an empty hand. Like with any rideable mob, WASD controls are used.

Spacebar makes the hippogryph rise if it is in the air; if held for over a second while it is on the ground, it makes the hippogryph start flying.The Twilight Forest is a mod created by Benimatic and ported to 1. It adds the eponymous Twilight Forest as a new dimension. This dimension is a heavily forested world filled with new mobs, trees, dungeons, and bosses.

ftb wiki ice and fire

This dimension's ground level is very low in response to the tall trees. The dimension is locked at sunset time, though sleeping is possible. Mobs will not spawn on the surface of the Twilight Forest, though they will in dungeons and caves.

EnderZoo mobs do not respect this peace. A 2x2 pool of water only 1 block deep forms the basis for this portal; additionally it must be surrounded by "natural" vegetation including flowers, grass, saplings, and mushrooms. Once the pool is surrounded in this manner, the portal is completed by dropping a Diamond into the water.

The water will turn purple similar to a Nether Portal and a bolt of lightning will strike the portal, inflicting minor damage to nearby players. Players may instantly travel to the Twilight Forest by walking or jumping into the newly created portal.

Once the portal is activated, it is possible to remove the flowers around it while keeping the portal intact. The majority of the Twilight Forest is a peaceful biome. Despite the perpetually dim conditions, hostile mobs will not spawn on the surface in the Twilight Forest itself.

Instead, progression through the mod is centered around landmarks that serve to advance the level of difficulty encountered through increasingly challenging enemies and bosses. Chest items and drops become correspondingly more rewarding with each new area. Twilight Forest Portals will discriminate as to the area in which they appear; a newly created portal may bring the player to the interior of a Hollow Hill or even one of the various Twilight Forest boss lairs. As such, some degree of caution and preparation should be exercised when first passing through a Twilight Forest Portal.

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All rights reserved.Fire Dragons are one of the three dragon species that roam the Overworld. They are most famously known for their fire breathing and flight abilities, as well as their formidable reputation.

Fire dragons have nine natural attacks, all of which can dispatch a player with ease. As well as this, they progress through five stages of development, where they grow larger, stronger, and more terrifying. Fire dragons are large, bipedal reptiles with massive, leathery, bat-like wings, powerful hind legs with 3 prehensile, talon-tipped toes on each foot, a moderate-sized body with spikes running down their backs, a moderately long neck, a large head with 2 pairs of backward-facing horns as well as massive, toothy jaws, and a long, tapering tail just as long as the rest of their body.

Male fire dragons differ from females by having darker-colored spots on their wings, while females differ from males by having curvier horns. Dragons grow from 2 blocks long at 0 days old to 50 blocks long when fully grown. Fire dragons can spawn in any biome that has a temperature above Younger dragons are found on small roosts on the surface Stageswhereas older ones Stage 4 and rarely Stage 5 lurk in caverns beneath the ground.

Loot from a fire dragon generally depends on the stage of a dragon. A Dragon Skull and Dragon Bones are always dropped. The most important loot a dragon corpse can produce are Dragon Eggswhich can only drop from a female Stage dragon. Stage 5 female dragons may occasionally drop 2 Dragon Eggs. Instead of evaporating like normal Minecraft mobs, a dragon will fall to the ground as a corpse when it dies.

To loot the dragon corpse, right-click on it repeatedly with an empty hand: items will drop off of it until it turns into a skeleton and, finally, disappears altogether. To obtain dragon blood, right-click the corpse with an empty bottle.

Obtaining dragon blood will prevent you from obtaining scales, flesh, or a heart. Make sure to click in the dragon's hitbox; this is usually located near the middle of the dragon's body. Newly-hatched dragons evaporate upon death, falling as a skeleton after day 5 and only falling as a corpse after day Fire dragons are hostile, and will attack almost every mob that comes nearby, including players.

When they spawn naturally, they are usually very hungry, and will search for farm animals to eat; they are capable of spotting prey from 64 blocks away. Dragons using flame attacks will scorch all blocks in the area turning them into Charred Blocksin addition to creating devastating fires. Wild dragons can be seen frequenting small roosts adorned with large piles of gold and many chests; they will sleep there during the night, but can be woken up if a player breaks a gold pile or opens a nearby chest.

Dragons will rarely eat meat items that are dropped on the floor. First and foremost, fire dragons have the ability to fly very quickly, making melee combat an exercise of futility when fighting them. As well as this, they have the ability to incinerate players with their fiery breath, killing them in a matter of seconds.

Along with this, they are unfazed by unavoidable obstacles, and will simply break through them in order to get to their target. Dragons have nine natural attacks, which include the following:. See also: Dragon Fighting Tips. Please note: Fire dragons will attack ice dragons and lightning dragonsso do not put a fire dragon with your other dragons on wander. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a dead body and lots of destruction. A wild fire dragon cannot be tamed, and a tame dragon can only be achieved through hatching an egg.

Fire Dragon eggs must be placed within a fire to start the hatching process. Once the egg starts moving, it will take a few minutes to hatch.He fled Westeros to escape execution for trading in slaves and took up work as a mercenary in the Free Citieseventually entering the service of the last Targaryens.

He becomes one of the most trusted companions of Daenerys Targaryen. Jorah is portrayed in the television adaptation Game of Thrones by Iain Glen. Jorah is a large middle-aged man, swarthy and hairy. He is black-bearded and balding, but still strong and fit. Jorah wears wool and leather, with his dark green tunic displaying the standing black bear of House Mormont.

While they were married for ten years, Jorah's wife was unable to carry a child to term. She eventually died following her third miscarriage. During Robert's RebellionJorah fought on the side of the rebels.

After the death of his first wife, Jorah received multiple marriage offers from other houses. He received knighthood from King Robert I Baratheon in recognition of his bravery. During a tourney at Lannisport to celebrate the victory over the Greyjoy rebels, Jorah met Lynesse Hightowerwho was half his age, and became smitten with her beauty. He asked for her favor to wear during the tournament, for which she gave her permission.

Jorah unexpectedly defeated all challengers. Jorah named Lynesse his queen of love and beautyand asked Lynesse's father, Lord Leyton Hightowerfor her hand in marriage that same night.

Surprisingly, Leyton agreed. Jorah and Lynesse were married at Lannisportafter which they returned to Bear Island. The marriage did not remain happy for long. Having spent her life as part of wealthy House Hightower in OldtownLynesse was unprepared for life on harsh and isolated Bear Island and quickly grew miserable.

Jorah attempted to reproduce the lifestyle to which his wife was accustomed, but only succeeded in driving himself into financial ruin, [14] by lavishing her with expensive gifts, hiring a cook from Oldtownand a harper from Lannisport. Having built a fine ship, Jorah attended festivals with his wife in those two cities as well, and he borrowed from moneylenders while in Braavos. Jorah participated in various tourneys, but he never duplicated his success at Lannisport.

Desperate to pay off his debts, Jorah took part in one of the Seven Kingdoms ' oldest taboos, slavery. When House Mormont 's liege, Eddard Starklearned that Jorah had sold poachers to a Tyroshi slaver, he condemned him to death. Rather than join his father in taking the black, Jorah took Lynesse with him into exile.

While Jorah wanted to go to BraavosLynesse wanted a warmer home, [21] so they fled to Lys instead, where Jorah sold his ship. Within half a year they had no money left, so Jorah sold his service as a sellsword. However, while Jorah was fighting the Braavosi on the RhoyneLynesse took Tregar Ormollen as her lover, and moved into the merchant prince's manse. When Jorah returned to Lys, Tregar informed him that he would be enslaved for his debts, unless he gave up Lynesse and left Lys.The main article can be found at Minecraft Wiki: Ice.

Ice is a block from vanilla Minecraft that is frozen Water.

Ice and Fire - The Bestiary - Cockatrice

It is commonly found above bodies of Water in frozen biomes. The Chisel mod changes the behavior when breaking ice; with it installed, ice drops four Ice Shards when broken rather than turning into a water source block.

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OreDict Names. Storage Blocks. Mob Drops. The End.As its health is depleted, its heads will die, each one replaced with 2 more heads, shooting explosives or fires which deal large quantities of damage. Fire Breath ignites all entities that it encounters as well as any flammable blocks, such as trees or leaves can cause the swamp around the Hydra to ignite and burn and cause them to take direct fire damage from the attack as well as lingering damage from the fire.

Fire Shot is quite like the fireballs of a Ghast, but with much more explosive power such that it is capable of taking out Stone, something that a Ghast cannot do. Damage is determined by the player's distance from the explosion. Bite Attack does a big knockback and lots of damage.

Due to the fact that the Hydra spawns more heads as it takes damage and each of those heads can attack the player independently, the player may quickly become overwhelmed with the quantity of heads that are dealing attacks and by the quantity of damage received with or without armor. Thus, it is advisable to use high-level armor such as the QuantumSuit and a weapon such as a Nano Saber or Gravity Gunor take one or more friends when fighting the Hydra so as not to be overwhelmed.

If there are no players nearby to attack, the Hydra will attack and kill any mobs that walk within its reach, such as Wolves, Bats, Bighorn SheepPenguinsand so forth. This goes for both melee and ranged damage. The most vulnerable spot is it's open mouth. Ranged damage from over twenty blocks away is completely ignored.

The Hydra has three attacks, the first being its fire breath.


The breath deals fire damage, and also a bit of physical damage. However, it is easy to outrun it as it has a bit of travel time. A Hydra head will open its mouth to reveal tiny flames before using this attack.

The second, and probably more dangerous, is the fireball attack. It acts much like TNT, and usually doesn't explode right after hitting the ground. A Hydra head will open its mouth and emit smoke before shooting 3 fireballs. The third, and probably the most dangerous, is the bite attack. It does a load of damage, killing players if they don't have strong armor. A Hydra head will lower itself, open its mouth, and make a small growl before biting. During the fight it is advised to hug the base of its body.

The fire is not instant and takes a moment to travel to its destination, giving you the time to dodge it. Once the fire stops, attack the head until its mouth closes You can attack regardless of it attacking or not. Always keep up close to the body, as it'll allow you more time to attack, without compromising your security. If you prefer being ranged, try reflecting the fireballs its shooting like you would that of a ghast.

If you're not as good about reflecting the fireballs, simply try hitting its opened mouth with an enchanted Bow, or a Mining Laser. You can also use some method of flight, such as an Electric Jetpack to aid in your battle. With practice, you can get a large number of critical hits in.

When the attacked head loses enough health, it dies off, allowing two new ones to sprout The maximum number of heads that can spawn is seven.

Once the Hydra has reached seven heads, it can be killed for good once its health bar has been drained. Despite this being one entity, each head can attack a different person. Regardless of this, you will never find yourself targeted by two heads at the same time. The Hydra spawns only once, although there could be multiple Hydras. If you cant be bothered with all this effort, simply punch one head off, and run around it in circles and it will shoot its-self until death, and you still get all the loot.

It is also a peaceful difficulty and up boss. This page was last modified on 12 Juneat Wiki Forums Members Chat. Read Edit View history Page Discussion.