If you cannot decipher the image clearly, please right click to view image or save the image to your computer to view in the clearest mode. In order to obtain these skills, you have to be really lucky. Decent skills are tied to equips, so you can only use the skills if you are wearing the equip with the Decent skill potential. Well, okay, there are ways to circumvent that, but I'm not going to detail those methods here, on the off chance they are considered a bug exploit.

Once you are wearing the correct equip, you will be able to use these skills on yourself, regardless of class. That means if you are a thief, and you find an equip with Decent Hyper Body, you will be able to cast Hyper Body on yourself.

It's freaking awesome. The Decent skills can only be found on certain equips.

MapleStory Our First LUCID BELT Drop!!!

Based on my miracle cubing experience, decent haste and mystic door skills are easier to obtain compared to decent hyper body and sharp eyes skills. Information in this section is credited to Russisch. For a more complete and specific list, you'll have to search on the Internet.

Information in this section is credited to fraaple. Let's Talk! Look for Party Boss Fight in game! Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Test Your Luck!

Korean MS Blogs insoya maple. Private Server RageZone Forum.This is a guide designed for GMS only. However this guide ONLY applies to those playing on the reboot server.

Also, things such as Marvel Machine are not available on reboot. Reboot has trading disabled- therefore making it mainly a grind based server, however in comparison requires little to no real life funds but instead utilises a lot of time instead. Normal servers have a higher damage cap, due to the presence of more systems like bonus potentials and scrolling that provide more damage than just potential.

Note that pets are basically required on reboot as you must farm your own mesos. There are many ways to make mesos in non-reboot mostly centered around farming certain items and taking advantage of events. Monsters in reboot have a higher exp and HP multiplier. Mesos drop at a 6x higher rate in meso. Jett link skill configuration items: — condensed supernova dust, stellar cosmic dust solidifier and cosmic dust shifter. Safety charms, buff freezers, respawn tokens note that non-reboot has npc that provides sells these on a limited daily basis for meso: 3 per day of each.

Additional convenience items available in general stores for meso in reboot only:. Powerful Red flames, master craftsman cubes, 30 day pendant slot, additional character slot coupon, equip-use-etc-setup slot coupons.

Maple reward points shop has many more items than reboot such as pet food for multiple pets, additional inventory slots, 30 day pendant slot, exp coupons, scissors and hammers. These are limited and only refresh on a monthly basis. RNG p2w: Philosopher books, marvel machine, gachapon which can give equipable items that alter gameplay and give advantages.

Note that reboot has gachapon but only for cosmetic items and inventory bags. Meso market and auction house. The meso market allows you to sell mesos for maple points or buy maple points with meso through an in-game system. What class should I play? Play whatever looks fun to you. Arks are mobile and require very low funding to progress due to innately high damage. Kannas are a force to be reckoned with now. They do good damage and are the kings of mobbing with multiple summons.MapleStory has released a new system called Potential System that allow players to create items that are far more powerful than their regular counterparts.

A potential item has extra stats listed bottom of item description and has Potential Rank displayed below item title e. Rare, Epic, Unique. After you collect 5 of these, double-click them to obtain a Potential Scroll, or combine 10 to get an Advanced Potential Scroll.

Using a Shielding Ward on a piece of equipment protects it from being destroyed by scrolls that have a chance to do so. Using a Shield Scroll on a piece of equipment protects it from having its available upgrade count reduced by a failed scroll. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Any plans to expand this guide? Hope that helps :. If i had a uni earring, and i recube it using any of those abovementioned cubes, would the tier possibly downgrade itself after recube? A or both? I cant use the shielding ward on my staff Its said my staff is already superior but i only have 4 star What should i do?

Click on it and then click again on the potential item with red-border line. Same goes with locking a potential from changing.

Maplestory Reboot Guide 2020

Hopefully you can find them in there available. Do they have shield wards in the cash shop anymore? Think they got rid of it.

What should i use then to protect my item?This article or section is currently in the middle of an expansion or major revamping. The information contained within this article should not be considered to be fully accurate until the article contributor s have removed this tag.

You can help MapleWiki by contributing to it. An item is an in-game object that can be purchased in MapleStory using Mesos, Maple Points or NX, earned from quests or dropped by monsters. By default in-game, the item window is opened with the I key. Equipment is designed to augment a character's abilities or just to improve their looks. There are several different categories of equipment depending on where the items are to be worn. Players can change to a higher levelled equipment after meeting the minimum required stats, though some high-level equipment can still be considered bad due to their purpose of not being worn for e.

Most equipment in the game is class specific, but there are also a fair amount of equipment that can be worn by any class as long as the character meets the minimum level and statistics requirements. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Under construction. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Blizzard Hero Set. Android Set.

Visitor Set. Goddess Set. Empress's Fine Set. Empress's Brilliant Set.

How to Unlock Pocket Slot in 2020 – MapleStory (Reboot or GMS)

Intaglio's Crescent Moon Set. Intaglio's Rising Sun Set.Requirement: Lv. Your character must have completed the 5th Job Advancement.

maplestory item drop rate potential

Requirement: This event can only be started by characters created during the event period. Adele and Zero characters cannot participate in this event.

We have deployed a server-side hotfix to fix issues regarding Characters in Slot 52 of Character Read More.

maplestory item drop rate potential

Jun 09, [Updated July 9] v. New Playable Character: Adele! As you level up with your Adele character, you will receive valuable rewards from the Adele Training Support Event.

Maplestory Reboot Guide 2020

The max character slot has been increased from 51 to 52 so create your Adele class when she is released! Max Level 1. Max Level Any set effects do not apply. Noble Fire: Tap your noble spirit to protect your charges from powerful opponents.

Max Level 2. Magic Dispatch: Creates a magical shard that hunts down an enemy. Unaffected by attack reflection. Max level required to learn Aetherial Arms. Jaunt: Leap once more while already in the air. Can move upward by pressing the Up key at the same time. Max Level 5. High Rise: Steel your mind to project magic, suspending you in the air for a short time and allowing you to use aerial skills. Martial Discipline: Reinforces the foundations of a warrior. Max Aether Obtained: Max Aether Swords: 4.

Aether Crystal: Attacking with the Aether Sword sometimes gathers the surrounding energy into crystals. Skewering: [Trigger Skill] Creates multiple longswords that strike to the front. Impale: Creates an Aether Sword that can be launched in 8 directions depending on the directional key pressed.

Resonance Rush: Creates a large Aether Sword that resonates with a nearby Aether Crystal, causing you to rush towards the crystal. Stack: 3. Weave Infusion: Uses MP to increase the attack speed of your Bladecaster by 2 levels for a short time. Max Level required to learn Hunting Decree. Upon advancing to 3rd and 4th Job, cooldown reduced by 3 seconds each.MapleStory has been around for a long time and with people returning to the game, there is a lot to catch up on.

This guide will focus mainly on unlocking that pesky pocket slot for a boost in range. There are many ways to get your Charm to LV. The best way is through a Trait Potion. If you use the potion when you have at least LV. Events happen often in Maplestory and with events come rewards. In the rewards shop there will almost always be a Trait Potion for sale.

Get the currency for that event and buy a potion to save yourself some headache of having to farm Charm EXP. These are a list of easy to medium bosses that you can and should do daily. Note that you only get the Charm EXP one time when you first equip the item. Go to Henesys then Marketplace then all the way to the right to find the Hair Salon.

He will give you a quest to find a Rose Clipping. In order to find a Rose Clipping you have to harvest herbs and hope for it to drop. In order to harvest herbs you need to learn Herbalism. Saffron in Ardentmill will teach it to you.

After you learn Herbalismgo to the portal on the right of Saffron and select a map to hunt for that Rose Clipping.

maplestory item drop rate potential

It will drop from any kind of herb, you just need to keep trying until it drops. This may take a while since the drop rate is based on random chance. Also you will be limited to a number of harvests because of your fatigue. Fatigue resets daily. This can be obtained from Normal and Chaos Pink Bean. This item cannot be given potential but can be flamed.

The best thing to do is to get multiple Pink Bean Cups and fuse them together in order to get better flames. Go to Ardenmill in order to fuse your items. I am a competitive person who loves challenges. Getting to the last clutch seconds of a match is something that makes me feel the great joys of life!

Games have always been an outlet where I can experience that over and over again. This is why I love to play games and have been for a long time. Skip to content MapleStory has been around for a long time and with people returning to the game, there is a lot to catch up on. How to get your Charm to LV. MapleStory Follow us on. This process can take up to 24 hours.

Thank you for your patience. June edited June in General Chat. Comments Catooolooo. June edited June After the drop rate nerf making everything additive, your first drop gear will already under diminishing return since you will usually farm with a spider, wolf underling, or lucky winter.

So it might not be worth to get a lot of drop rate or it will take a long long time for it to pay for itself. Nexon: Hey more and more people are quitting Maplestory lets implement a drop rate nerf that will bring people back MapleStory is striving more in Korea than it is in North America, but Korea has less opportunities than us in many ways possible.

Most of these changes are in order to slow down in gobbling up content faster than the publishers can produce it. Besides the formula change it mainly impacts drop rate equipment and beyond pun not intended that penalizes nodestones, symbols and certain items, quest items, and event items. Because if it affects the players at the bottom as opposed to the top, we already know that at this rate, no one at the bottom will be able to catch up.

Without being told the formula changes it is guess work on our part. BUT from all of the videos i have watched about the Beyond patch and the drop nerfs people go from around Node stones an hour to a measly per hour which is quite a significant difference. More than a handful of people i know from my server are already preparing for these changes They are quitting Like i said in my earlier post, If Nexon truly wants to bring players back to the game they are not heading in the right direction and will more than likely be pushing more people away from maple rather than bringing them back by lowering the HP while also lowering the EXP gained by RoV mobs.

They should have just nerfed drop gear and not touch anything else It's not a "boost" to anyone. Less funded players or just people without drop rate gain nothing from a drop rate nerf, and people already setup will be less able to farm nodestones, raising their price in the market and subsequently making them harder to obtain for those who buy them instead of farming. Nexon probably has some deluded perspective on the value of nodestones.

You already need an excessive amount to level your nodes decently, and yet somehow Nexon thinks they're far more valuable than that, as shown by the drop rate nerfs and currently, the 50 coin price of nodestones in the Dragon Boat coin shop.

The drop rate of Core Gemstones has been increased. Sign In Register.