When coming up with your character, think about the following questions. The answers do not need to be long Like a sentence would be sufficientbut if you should think about them. I may ask you to elaborate on an answer I find interesting and want to work into the game. Also please no stereotypical "I had no friends and family and lived alone"-type non-answers please. The point of this is to generate plot hooks.

No promises but servizi scolastici informazioni per le famiglie-spagnolo you do give me something during this stage that ends up being a plot hook for the entire group, I might throw you extra XP as it gets resolved.

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vampire the masquerade 5e specialties

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General Wikidot.The following document lists numerous possibilities for players to choose a specialty for any given Attribute or Ability, as well as mage Spheres. This allows a superhuman being to capitalize on his natural ability. Such specialties are listed under the Legendary lists. Strength: able-bodied, broad shoulders, brutish, buff, bulging biceps, focus power, hearty, hulking, husky, large, lifting, long jumping, massive, mighty, powerful, puissant, ripped, rocklike fists, solid, steel grip, sustained carrying, wiry Legendary: crushing, draconic, herculean, monstrous, titanic.

Dexterity: agile, athletic, catlike reflexes, coordinated, deft, delicate, fleet-footed, flexible, graceful, gymnastic, light touch, limber, lithe, nimble, perfect balance, quick, smooth-motioned, steady, supple, sure-footed, swift, willowy Legendary: elastic, fluid, lightning fast, rhythmic, mercurial.

Stamina: aggressive, dedicated, determined, durable, enduring, forceful, formidable, hardy constitution, hell-bent, high-pain threshold, resilient, relentless, robust, stalwart, steadfast, stubborn, sturdy, tenacious, tireless, tough, unmovable, unyielding Legendary: diamond-hard, hard-boiled, insusceptible, marathonic. Charisma: amusing, captivating, charming, classy, commanding, compelling, confidant, congenial, cultured, diplomatic, eloquent, folksy, genial, gracious, gregarious, inspiring, irresistible, magnetic, outgoing, pleasant, regal, rustic, savoir-faire, sensual, smooth, sophisticated, sweet, trustworthy, urbane, well-mannered, winsome Legendary: exalted, rapturous, saintly, sublime, unearthly.

Manipulation: blarney, bravado, calculating, charming, conspiratorial, controlling, crafty, cunning, deceitful, devious, double-talker, eloquent, expressive, forked tongue, glib, influential, ingratiating, legalese, logical, Machiavellian, maneuvering, patient, persuasive, remorseless, resourceful, scheming, silver-tongued, slick, sly, smooth, sophist, subtle, tactful, underhanded, witty Legendary: ambrosial, devilish, irrefutable, punctilious, puppeteering.

Appearance: alluring, beautiful, bold demeanor, captivating, comely, cuddly, curvaceous, cute, delightful, dignified, erotic, exotic, fragility, glamorous, gorgeous, handsome, honest face, hot, imposing, innocent, inspiring, look of the eagles, luminous, noble, pleasing, pornographic, pretty, provocative, roguish, seductive, sensual, sexy, shapely, slinky, striking, stunning, stylish, wild Legendary: ageless, apollonian, bewitching, divine, dreamy, immaculate, jaw-dropping, terrifying.

Perception: apprehensive, astute, attentive, canny, clueful, detail-oriented, discerning, empathic, feral, insightful, instinctive, intuitive, keen-eyed, observant, paranoid, patient, probing, sensitive, sharp hearing, vigilant, visionary, wary, watchful Legendary: clairaudient, clairvoyant, enlightened, presentient, umbrageous.

Intelligence: analytical, astute, bookworm, brilliant, calculating, clear thinker, cognitive, creative, discerning, discriminating, erudite, genius, innovative, inventive, knowledgeable, logical, plotting, pragmatic, rational, researcher, resourceful, sagacious, savvy, scheming, scholarly, scientific, sharp memory Legendary: fertile-minded, labyrinthe, omniscient, utopian. Wits: apt, calculating, clear-headed, clever, combat nerves, creative, direct, extemporaneous, flexible, free association, impulsive, instinctive, insults, jumpy, levelheaded, one step ahead, practical, quick, reactive, resourceful, sharp, shrewd, skillful, spontaneous, survival, wily Legendary: adroit, pre-emptive, supercomputer, unconscious.

Alertness: ambushes, bodyguarding, crowds, danger sense, forests, noises, paranoia, point guard, search, spectres, streets, traps, vigilance. Brawl: armlocks, body slams, boxing, disarms, dirty fighting, fancy fighting, grappling, gratuitous violence, kicks, knights, multiple opponents, on home territory, punches, showing off, sparring, wrestling. Dodge: blocks, finding cover, dive, duck, flips, leap, multiple opponents, running away, sidestep, slippery.

Make a Vampire the Masquerade Character in Under 30 Minutes

Empathy: backgrounds, deep motivations, emotions, family problems, fears, love connections, personalities, spirits, truths. Expression: after-dinner speaking, comedy, game design, impromptu, innuendo, meetings, mimicry, off-the-cuff remarks, poetry, politics, prose, rabble-rousing, radical, talk radio, see below.

Instruction: drill sergeant, lore, metaphysics, rites of passage, traditions, university, any specific Ability. Intimidation: battle cry kiaiicy stare, implied pain, massive property damage, military, overt violence, political, social, veiled threats.

Intuition: animal instinct, discernment, dumb luck, flashes of inspiration, gambling, insightful, nose for trouble. Leadership: brainstorming, commands, compelling, dictatorial, field leadership, friendly, gain trust, long-term planning, military, noble, oration, sway opinion. Streetwise: chicken strips, drugs, fencing, finding info, gangs, nightclubs, picking pockets, slang terms, trashpicking.

Subterfuge: baldfaced lying, changing the subject, diversions, false testimony, fast talk, financial scams, finding weaknesses, flattery, gossip, innuendo, intrigue, little white lies, seduction, selective omission.

Biorhythms: breath control, circulatory system, enduring pain, fasting, fertility, total system shutdown. Blatancy: conjuring tricks, drug trips, gadgets, religious miracles, smoke screens. Carousing: anecdotes, bon mots, drinking, exaggeration, lewd jokes, sexual innuendo.

Debate: informal, logic, low blow, lowbrow, morals, politics, social discourse, trivia. Diplomacy: etiquette, industry, international relationships, mediation, negotiation, personal relationships, tact.They shape the kindred you play, and make them who they are. The four main facets of your beliefs in unlife are convictions, touchstones, ambitions, and desires. Convictions are your core human values. The strongly held beliefs that shape what remains of your humanity.

You generally begin play with of these. After all, humans sometimes do inhumane things. But it is human to be led by your convictions. Because this conviction defines your humanity. To violate your conviction is to deny your humanity.

Touchstones are another key feature of your guiding principles. These are humans who embody your conviction. If this touchstone is lost in some way, you will likely abandon your conviction. Ambitions are your long term goals.

These drive you in your unlife. As long as you actively work towards your ambition, you can regain some lost willpower. If a character manages to accomplish it, a new ambition should be selected. Desires come last. These are short term goals. Your passing fancies, your wishes of the moment. These should generally relate to some character in the chronicle that the characters are connected with.

These features make your character who they are, and I love that Vampire the Masquerade incentivizes the roleplaying of your character by making them hard-coded into the rules.

Liked it? Take a second to support Draconick on Patreon! Like this: Like Loading Home About Products Supporters Links.In its current state, and likely any that it will ever inhabit, this product is inadequate by any metric that you would use to judge it, and does not warrant attention, playtime, or financial support. This hurts me to say, but it has to be said. Both new and old incarnations, despite all of their ups and downs, have such vibrant and terrifying possibilities, that I will never be finished exploring them.

As hesitant as I was when this product was first announced, I let my mind go wild with the possibilities that more Masquerade could bring to the table.

vampire the masquerade 5e specialties

I remain an enormous fan of both editions of Requiem, but the idea of updating lore that has not evolved since the Long Night started to intrigue me. I have also had only the warmest, most genuine interactions with the staff at White Wolf so far.

They have proven to be passionate, intelligent people who seem to want the best for this game line, and have the tools to give it to us. I believed in them through every step of the process, despite some of their mishandlings of recent controversy, and I was ready to be in love with this game. After reading through the core book, I am certain that we would have been better off without it.

Caine would not be pleased. Pictured above: the collective goodwill of the fanbase eroding as they read this book. The worst interpretations are definitely overblown, and nothing in here is veiled extremist agenda. Rather, the book is overladen with attempts at puerile humor and misunderstanding of what it means to embrace dark subject matter, all of which feel like a slap in the face.

I have no issue with, for example, stating that a Brujah might be a member of the alt-right.


This franchise exists on a foundation of disturbing moral quandaries, where the line between villain and hero blurs almost to nonexistence. But this text goes so much farther than that.

The sample prey section, an otherwise useful place to draw NPCs from to give them motivation and character rather than making them walking blood bags, has to include a Cuckold character, as a snide wink and rude gesture at anyone with any sense of decency or taste. The opening fiction includes dick jokes and cumshot references for no clear reason and with no context except that it sounds mature to someone with an adolescent understanding of the world.

Engaging with real darkness does require handling violence, sexuality, and other unsavory details, but not with the flippant attitude this book seems dedicated to. Listen, I own a physical copy of Montreal by Night. I am well aware that the World of Darkness is no stranger to manufactured edge, but in the past it was always at least tinged with the gravitas of the lore and ancient mannerisms inflicted upon the child generations by their parents.

vampire the masquerade 5e specialties

Gone are the intense power struggles that gave the game an engaging focal point, replaced by this impotent attempt at making itself feel revolutionary.In the Storytelling SystemSkills are traits that represent a character's acquired capabilities. Typically a Skill is combined with an Attribute and occasionally a third supernatural trait to form a dice pool for an actionrepresenting the character's natural prowess and learned ability coming together to perform a task. Like Attributes, Skills are grouped into Physical, Social and Mental categories and are rated from 0 to 5 dots.

Let sleeping Antediluvians lie-Vampire the Masquerade: 5th Edition review

There are eight Skills in each category for a total of 24 broad Skills, representing all possible learned activities. Tasks which are instinctual rather than learned - like observing one's environment or resisting one's emotions - are generally resolved using Attributes only, and do not involve Skill use. To represent more specific training, characters may nominate Specialties which effectively increase the Skill's rating by one for tasks within their purview. For example, a character with a Medicine Skill rating of 2 with a speciality in "First Aid" would have an effective Skill rating of 3 when administering CPR or applying a pressure bandage.

Attempting to perform an action "untrained" - with a rating of zero in the required Skill - imposes an additional penalty on that action. This penalty is higher for Mental skills than for the other two categories. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? This article is for Skills in the Storytelling System. For skills in Storyteller System games, see Abilities. The following list is that of the 24 Skills in the Storytelling System: Physical Skills often represent personal experience and training.

Athletics - sports and movement Brawl - unarmed combat Drive - operating automobiles under rough conditions Firearms - identifying, using, and maintaining firearms and bows.

Larceny - picking locks, burglary, bypassing security, sleight of hand, etc Stealth - moving silently and unnoticed Survival - enduring harsh environments Weaponry - identifying, using, and maintaining non-firearm weapons Mental Skills often represent knowledge from formal education.

Academics - knowledge in Arts and Humanities Computer - computer programs and operating systems Crafts - constructing, crafting, and repairing objects Investigation - solving riddles and finding evidence Medicine - physiology, anatomy, and medical treatments Occult - lore about the supernatural Politics - political processes and bureaucratic maneuvers Science - physical and natural sciences Social Skills often represent practiced and honed natural knack.

Animal Ken - understanding animal minds and behaviors Empathy - observing emotions and understanding viewpoints Expression - art of communication and entertainment Intimidation - coercing via force and threat Persuasion - convincing others and inspiring their emotions Socialize - social interaction in various situations Streetwise - navigating urban streets and gathering intel there Subterfuge - deceiving others and noticing it.

Categories :. Cancel Save.Character Creation Use the standard character creation system as detailed in the Vampire: The Masquerade core rulebook Revised Before we even get started filling in dots and stuff, you need to get your own character sheet Make sure you are using the ones from,WoD:Seaside If you have any problem finding, email me. Each clan has its own strengths and weakness, they also have their own personality stereotypes, so you will want to pick a clan that matches your characters personality.

Step One: Choose Concept. Just what your concept is ex. Heh, talk about hard work. Just know if you send me Caine, I will fire you. Currently any child concepts will be denied. Choose Clan. If you chose a rare bloodline it also requires not only AST Vampire approval but also HST approval and no play-testing period is available for those at this time. Choose Sects. Currently the Sects are Limited to Camarilla and Independent until such time as there is enough Vampires to expand to the Sabbat Type as well.

Choose Nature. Choose Demeanor.

vampire the masquerade 5e specialties

This is what your character shows the world Both Nature and demeanor are the way your character's act you can find a list under Natures and Demeanors or Death Quaker's Resource Site are fine.

All abilities start with 0 points Unless they have the Jack of all Trades merit, which requires ST approval before being allowed into play then follow the merit rules to buy up Abilityand no ability can be raised higher than 3 at this stage. Keep in mind your character is more then just dots. They are in fact a character with a wide range of abilities with that in mind feel free to scatter them Make sure you also explain them in your history it helps shape the character and describe who they are and what they know.

Let sleeping Antediluvians lie-Vampire the Masquerade: 5th Edition review

Anything her then 4 should be specialized and will be closely examined even if learned during play. This is because it makes you the top-inchalant of whatever that ability is.

Performances should have Mini Specs at any level i.Email Address:. The world of Vampire: The Masquerade is a dark reflection of our own. The shadows loom longer here, and the night is more reluctant to yield to day. Corruption runs rampant, from the government through private corporations and into the various subcultures that revel in these culturally bankrupt times. Vampires are an outgrowth of the people who populate this desperate environment.

They exist in the World of Darkness because they are the monsters among us, the products of a world so dark that only something truly horrible and captivating can challenge the depths into which the living residents of the world have plunged it. Vampire: The Masquerade exploded into hobby games in and inspired a generation of fans the likes of which the game industry had never seen before or since. The cultural significance Vampire left on not just the gaming world but on modern vampire-related pop culture can be seen and felt at virtually every turn and in every medium today.

Onyx Path Publishing offers a number of role-playing game fiction, art, and clothing products for Vampire: The Masqueradeas well as helping to re-release over a hundred original books through PDF and print-on-demand. Vampire merchandise is available via our RedBubble store. Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path. Search for:.